Biological Odor Control Fizzytab Case Study

Biological Odor Control Fizzytab Case Study

Flooding in Bangkok, Thailand: Odor Control

Odor Control Using Fizzytabs

Fizzytabs are unique, effervescent tablet containing billions of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria have been selected because of their

Odor Control

Biological Odor Control

enhance ability to degrade organic material such as grease, fats and oils. By reducing the organic material, fizzytabs eliminate noxious odors that sometime accompany decaying material. Odor Fizzy tabs are a natural odor elimination product.

Fizzytabs Case Study

Fizzytabs were used to eliminate odor from the flood water in Bangkok, Thailand. Odor elimination occurred within 12 hours of treatment. In addition to odor control, fizzytabs reduced the BOD, COD, SS, and increased the dissolved oxygen. The full case study is below.


Drop one fizzy tab into a bucket of at least one liter of water. Use one tab per room area. For best results, use a sprayer and spray the area. If a sprayer is not available, use a bucket.

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals, CustomBio, manufactures and distributes fizzytabs. Fizzytabs have a number of potential uses and are used in a variety of applications. Including septic tank maintenance, as a biofertilizer, and as a biological cleaner. Have a new use for fizzytabs,

Odor Control

Fizzytabs by Custom Biologicals.

contact us.

We’re always looking for new distributors, both domestic and international. If you have an interest in fizzytabs, please contact us at or at (561) 797-3008.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in a number of applications and a number of industries. We have products for odor control, restaurants and maintenance supplies, agriculture, wastewater treatment and bioremediation.

There are a number of case studies and products listed on this website. But biological products can be used in so many different ways, that not all of our information can be posted here. We would be happy to talk about your unique or new application or product so contact us.

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