Bioremediation Products

Bioremediation Products


Bioremediation is the use of microorganisms to degrade pollutants and help return the site to its natural condition. It can be used in large, complex sites as well as smaller situations such as car washes and oil/water separators.

Bioaugmentation is the addition of specifically selected microorganisms to aid in the breakdown of contaminants, typically hydrocarbons.

Wastewater with hydrocarbons is a problem that comes up in a lot of industries including refining. It’s important to note that bioremediation of wastewater is an important application of the bioremediation process.

Custom Biologicals has over 30 years of experience in bioremediation projects. Contact us at (561) 797-3008 or via email at to discuss your bioremediation project.

Custom HC

Our main bioremediation product is Custom HC. It contains beneficial microorganisms that were specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to degrade hydrocarbons. Custom HC is a highly concentrated, liquid product. This high concentration greatly reduces shipping costs, shipping time, and shelf life issues.

HC Tabs

Custom HC Tabs contain the same blend of bacteria as in the HC product, only in a tab. Custom HC Tabs allow for a slow release of the microorganisms in the product. HC tabs work great in Oil Water separators, car washes, and other small cleanup projects.

bioremediation product

Custom HC Tabs

Car Wash Odor Recycle Product

Car wash odor can be greatly reduced or eliminated using Custom HC tabs.

Oil/Water Separator

Oil water separators are a hassle. It’s fine that they separate the oil, but then what do you do with the oil? Custom HC tabs, works well in oil water separators. The bacteria in the tabs metabolizes, breaks down, the hydrocarbons in the oil.

There are a number of potential application for our products. Contact CustomBio for more information at (561) 797-3008 or via email at

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