Biological Products of Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals – Biological Products

Custom Biologicals is a manufacturer of biological products. Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA

Biological Products

Custom Biologicals’ Products are environmental friendly, green products!

our products are marketed worldwide through our network of international and domestic distributors.

Custom produces a wide variety of high quality, concentrated biological products for use in a number of environmental application.

Our products can be loosely placed into 6 categories:

  • Agricultural Products:

    • Sometimes called, biofertilizers and soil probiotics. These products help plants grow bigger and healthier.
  • Bioremediation Products

    • Bioremediation is the process of cleaning up hydrocarbons (oil) using biologicals. Custom has several products that help clean up contaminated sites. These products work with soil, surface water and groundwater.
  • Consumer Products

    • Septic fizzytabs are a unique and cost effective way to keep your septic tank running trouble free between pumpouts.
  • Fizzytab Products

    • Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a number of fizzytab products. These products are unique and cost effective.
  • Wastewater Products

    • Custom has a number of wastewater products for both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.
  • Restaurant and Industrial Products

    • Restaurant and maintenance supply products include grease trap products and Mop’n Treat. Both of these products help reduce grease, fats and oils. (FOG).

Here’s a spreadsheet with all of our products as well as links to information about each product. This list does not include “customized” products. Feel free to contact me with questions or pricing about any of our products at or via email at

Biological Products of Custom Biologicals



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