August 25, 2020

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Fizzytab Products of Custom Biologicals

Fizzytab Products

Fizzytab Products

by Custom Biologicals

Fizzytab products are a great way to utilize the power of microbial products. Fizzytabs are small, dissolvable tablets that contain billions of beneficial bacteria. Manufactured by Custom Biologicals, fizzytabs are unique, highly effective products.

How do Fizzytab Products work?

Fizzytabs contain billions of beneficial microbes – either bacteria or fungi. These microbes are activated when the fizzytab is dissolved in water. The fizz action of the dissolving tab mixes the microbes in less than 5 minutes.

Once activated, the microbes go to work. Some of the fizzytabs break down food particles, grease fats and oils, and odors. Other fizzytabs, like Biota Max,  increase the efficiency of plant roots.

Types of Fizzytab Products

There are four main types of Fizzytabs:

  • Septic Fizzytabs – Once a month septic tank treatment.
  • Mop’n Treat – Treatment to remove food debris and odor.
  • Biota Max – unique, biofertilizer and soil inoculant for farming or gardening.
  • Other Fizzytab products – Odor Fizzytabs, RV Fizzytabs, Drain Line Fizzytabs, Pond Fizzytabs.

Uses of Fizzytabs

There are a number of uses of fizzytabs. In fact, there are probably some uses we haven’t thought of yet!

Here’s the most popular uses of fizzytabs.

Septic Tank Maintenance – Septic Fizzytabs are a once a month septic tank treatment designed to keep your septic system running trouble free between pumpouts. The beneficial bacteria in septic fizzytabs enhance the natural populations and replace the bacteria that are lost to antimicrobial soap and other harsh chemicals used in the household.

Remove Food Debris and Odor in Restaurants – Mop’n Treat is a powerful biological treatment designed to remove food debris and eliminate odors from restaurant drain lines, floor drains, soda stations, and floor cracks and crevices.

Grow bigger, healthier, more  productive plants – Biota Max is an all natural soil additive and biofertilizer. Biota Max contains both beneficial bacteria and beneficial Trichoderma fungi.

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