Biological Cleaner – Mop’n Treat

Biological Cleaner – Mop’n Treat™

Mop’n Treat™, by Custom Biologicals, is a powerful biological cleaner designed to enhance the normal restaurant cleaning and

mopping process. Mop’n Treat™ will remove food debris and odors on floors, floor drains, and other hard to reach places.

Mop’n Treat™ can be used in the mop bucket or in a spray bottle. It can be used in all food areas, bar areas, soda fountains, trash

Biological Cleaner

Box of 30 Mop’n Treat

rooms, dumpsters, and restrooms.

Benefits of Mop’n Treat

  1. Degrades organic material, grease and food debris in cracks, crevices, floor drains and pans, drains and drain lines.
  2. Reduces manual cleaning
  3. Treats all Lateral lines
  4. Reduces use of hazardous cleaning chemicals.
  5. Reduces odors.


Mop’n Treat is available in bags of 30 (one month supply). Ten bags of thirty are in a case (300 tabs).

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Biological Cleaner

Bag of 30 – Biological Cleaner

General Directions for use

For best results, use one Mop’n Treat™ tablet per day in the mop bucket, and one Mop’ n Treat™ tablet per day in the sprayer. 

Mop’n Treat could not be easier to use. At the end of each day, simply drop one tablet into the mop  bucket prepared with the soap or cleaner of your choice. Allow  2-3 minutes for the effervescent tablet to dissolve. Then, mop floor normally, focusing on crack crevices and spaces under equipment. When mopping is completed, pour the mop water into the open floor drains or sink drains.

Directions for use as a Spray

Once a day fill a Mop’n Treat labeled hand sprayer with water. Drop in one tablet and let dissolve. Spray a fine mist on the surface ares. The fine mist allows for even distribution of the product. Spraying multiple times per day may enhance performance.

This product can be used in:

  • Bar areas
  • soda fountains
  • trash rooms
  • dumpsters
  • restrooms

Biological Cleaners

Mop’n Treat™ is a unique and innovative biological cleaner. Within the effervescent tablet are billions of beneficial microbes. These microbes have been specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to break down the grease, food debris, and odor normally found in restaurant food processing areas.

Additionally, we manufacture Custom GT Tabs. Custom GT Tabs help keep grease traps running smoothly.

Mop’n Treat™ is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals, Inc. Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes biological products for a number of industries including agriculture, restaurant supply, bioremediation, consumer, and wastewater. Additionally we manufacture biofertilizers and Biota Max™. We are always looking for new distributors, both domestic and international. Contact Custom at (561) 797-3008 or via email at

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