Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment – A Case Study

Palm Oil Wastewater Treatment is major issue for palm oil plantations and palm oil processing facilities. Palm oil is a major crop in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, and many other countries. This post is about a case study for treatment of palm oil waste in Malaysia.

Palm Oil WasteWater Case Study Summary

This case study took place in Penang, Malaysia at a palm oil manufacturing plant. The microbial product used as a palm oil wastewater treatment was Custom FM.

Custom FM – Wastewater Treatment Product

Custom FM is a microbial product, manufactured by CustomBio, specifically designed to break down the greases, fats, and oils in food manufacturing wastewater. Custom FM is a concentrated, liquid product containing billions of beneficial wastewater bacteria. When used according to instructions, Custom FM, breaks down wastes, reduces BOD and COD, and reduces malodors associated with palm oil wastewater.

Case Study Results

This is truly a case study where a picture tells a thousand words. Notice the before picture – with all of the grease. Then notice the after picture. After only 45 days the vast majority of the grease is gone!


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