Custom GP 50ml

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Custom GP 50ml. Contains enough beneficial Trichoderma fungi to treat 2.5 acres. Contact Custom Biologicals for additional product sizes. FREE worldwide shipping!



Custom GP

Beneficial Soil Amendment

Custom GP

Custom GP contains 4 types of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. It is a highly concentrated, liquid formulation designed to help improve soil conditions by increasing the population of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Custom GP Trichoderma Product

Custom GP Data Sheet

Features and Benefits

  • Produces Plant Hormones – Helps plants grow bigger
  • Increases Root Mass – Larger roots = stronger plants
  • Reverses Root Oxidation – Makes old roots fresh
  • Replaces Organisms killed by chemicals, heat, drought, fire, flood, erosion, cold and frost.
  • Restores Biota Balance of beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi.
  • Degrades Organic Material making nutrients available to t he plant.
  • Process Nutrients: Makes nutrients more soluble and mobile.
  • Increases Moisture in and around roots and reduces stress from drought.

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  1. Henrietta

    The ablitiy to think like that shows you’re an expert

    • winmrbill

      Indeed I am an expert. I’m so lucky you picked up on that.

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