Distributor Plan Septic Fizzytab- Starter Pack

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Distributor Plan Septic Fizzytab- Starter Pack

The Distributor Plan for Custom Biologicals, Inc. (CustomBio) comes in 3 different types. Each distributor plan is specifically designed for septic tank pumpers and the septic tank industry.

Distributor Plan Septic Fizzytabs

Septic FizzytabsTM are a great way for septic tank pumpers to make additional income. Custom Bio makes it easy for you to distribute Septic Fizzytabs TM by private labeling the product for you.

Septic fizzytabs are a once a month septic tank additive. The product is sold in 12 packs – so a yearly supply. The product is

distributor plan
Make Money distributing Fizzytabs!

sold to distributors in cases of 50 twelve packs (600 tabs).

The suggested retail price for a twelve pack is $39.99. And since your information will be on the package, customers will call you directly for reorders.

The Distributor Plans

We have three Septic Fizzytabs TM Distributor plans:

  • The Starter Pack
  • The Silver Plan
  • The Gold Plan

The Starter Pack – Septic Fizzytabs 

 The starter pack is designed for pumpers to get involved. It includes 3 cases of Septic Fizzytabs TM or 150 twelve packs.

Each twelve pack will have your name, phone number and web address on the label. That way, your customers can find you when it’s time to reorder. The picture is the bottom half of the label.

Costs of the Starter Pack Distributor Plan

 The cost of the starter pack of 150 twelve packs is just $1125.00. Which is only $7.50 per twelve pack.

Since each 12 pack costs you $7.50 and the suggested retail cost is $39.99, you make $32.49 on each twelve pack sold!

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes microbial products for use in a number of environmental applications including septic tanks. We manufacture products for wastewater, bioremediation, agriculture and more. Contact Custom at (561) 797-3008 or via email at



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