Mop’n Treat Fizzytabs 6 month Supply

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Mop’n Treat Fizzytabs 6 Month Supply – Free US Shipping

Mop’n Treat fizzytabs are a biological cleaner for restaurant floor and floor drains. This product is a 6 month supply of Mopn Treat.


Mop’n Treat Fizzytabs 6 Month Supply – Free US Shipping

Mop’n Treat Fizzytabs are a great way to remove food debris on restaurant floors and floor drains. This product is a 6 month supply of fizzytabs. Since 30 tablets are needed per month, a six month supply is 180 tabs.

Mop’n Treat Fizzytabs– Biological Restaurant Floor Cleaner

Mop’n Treat fizzytabs are a  Powerful treatment to remove food debris and odor! Use on floors, drains, and other hard-to-reach places!

Benefits of Mop’n Treat

  • Degrades organic material and food debris in cracks, crevices, and drain lines.
  • Easy to use on all floor drains and hard-to-reach places.
  • Brings life to your existing cleaning routine
  • Reduce Use of Hazardous Chemicals
  • Reduce Manual Cleaning
  • Treats ALL Lateral Lines

Usage Instruction for Mop’n Treat

Directions for Mop Water Treatment:

At the end of each day, simply drop one (1) tablet into the mop bucket prepared with water or with the soap or cleaner of your choice. Allow 2-3 minutes for the effervescent tablet to dissolve. Mop floor normally, focusing on cracks, crevices, and spaces under equipment. When mopping is completed, pour the mop water into the open floor drains. If possible, pour equal amounts of mop water into each drain.

Directions for Drains (without mop):

Once per day, fill a 1-gallon or larger bucket with water. Drop in one Mopn Treat tablet and allow time to dissolve. Pour or ladle small amounts into each floor drain, sink drain, bar drain, soda drain, urinal, and toilet. Apply larger amounts in problem drains.

Directions for Spray:

Once per day, fill a Mop‘n Treat labeled hand sprayer with water. Drop in one Mop .‘n Treat tablet and allow time to dissolve. To apply, spray a fine mist on the surface area. The fine mist allows even distribution. Spraying multiple times per day may give best results.

BAR AREAS: Spray bar drains, cracks & crevices, areas behind equipment, and any area that cannot be manually cleaned daily.

SODA FOUNTAINS: Spray drip trays and drain. Spray beside, behind, and under equipment.

TRASH ROOMS: Spray a fine mist on trash, in trash containers, on walls that receive splatter, on floor, and in drains.

DUMPSTERS: Spray a fine mist on trash and in the dumpster. Spray outside walls and area around dumpster. Spray liquid runoff where dumpster drains.

RESTROOMS: Spray a fine mist on floors, in all drains, in toilet bowl, and on toilet sides. Spray a fine mist directly in and around urinals (on walls and floors).

For Best Results

For best results, use one Mopn Treat tablet per day in the mop bucket, and one Mop‘n Treat tablet per day in the sprayer!

  • Use Mop‘n Treat at the end of the day.
  • DO NOT rinse after or use anti-microbial products immediately after application.
  • DO NOT mix with bleach.
  • DO NOT mix with extreme pH cleaners.
  • DO NOT exceed manufacturer.’s application recommendations for bleach and/or harsh cleaners.

Custom Biologicals

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