August 24, 2020

Custom Biologicals

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Restaurant Products of Custom Biologicals

Restaurant Products

Restaurant Products of Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals, Inc. manufactures and distributes a number of microbial products for restaurant and institutional use. These products are designed to reduce organic odors and eliminate organic wastes associated with the food service industry.

Bio Products for Restaurants and Institutional Use

  • Custom GT Concentrate – is our restaurant and food service grease trap product. Custom GT contains grease trap bacteria designed to reduce pumping of your grease trap. This microbial product help break down the fats, oils and grease (FOG) in restaurant grease traps. It is available as a liquid concentrate, in daily use fizzytabs, and in slow release
    Restaurant Products of Custom Biologicals
    Custom Biologicals concentrated products and tablet products.


  • Custom GT Tabs contain a highly concentrated blend of naturally occurring bacteria that digest the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that otherwise accumulate in the restaurant or food service facility grease trap. Custom GT Tabs’ slow release formula continuously releases bacteria for maximum effectiveness without the need for expensive pumps.
  • Mop’n Treat – is a fizzytab designed as a powerful treatment to remove food debris and odors in those hard to reach places like floor drains and crack and crevices in the floor. For best results, use one Mop’n Treat tablet per day in  the mop bucket and one Mop’n Treat in the sprayer.
  • Custom HC for Oil/Water Separators – Oil/water separators are expensive to have pumped. Contact Custom about Custom HC.
  • Car Wash Odor Control Kit – Car wash water is smelly and oily. Who wants to wash their can with nasty water? Use our Car Wash Odor Control Kit to reduce Car wash odors in return water systems.

Distributing Custom Biologicals Restaurant Products

CustomBio manufactures a number of products for use in restaurants. We’re always looking for new distributor relationships – both international and domestic. We have a wide range of microbial products including products for use in home gardening, agriculture, and farming. 

We offer private labeling, drop shipping, and customized products. Contact Custom at for more information.


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