August 24, 2020

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Wastewater Products of Custom Biologicals

Wastewater Products

Wastewater Products of Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes wastewater products containing beneficial bacteria. Our main wastewater product is Custom WP a microbial concentrated product.

Custom WP – Wastewater Treatment Bacterial Product

Custom WP is wastewater treatment bacteria manufactured by Custom Biologicals. Custom WP is a biological wastewater effluent treatment product, designed for use in industrial wastewater facilities, municipal wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, and rivers and lagoons.

Custom WP will enhance the biological degradation of the organic chemicals found in municipal and industrial wastewater streams.

Custom WP contains bacteria proven effective in improving wastewater treatment plant performance. The wastewater treatment bacteria in F-TREAT will break down and metabolize organic wastewater compounds such as: fats, oils and grease (FOG), proteins, starches, hydrocarbons, and phenols. Regular use of Custom WP will reduce or eliminate wastewater odors associated with wastewater and sewage treatment facilities.

Consult the Custom WP application chart to determine the correct application for each facility.

USES OF Custom WP and Wastewater Treatment Products:

  • Startup of new systems
  • Reduce Wastewater Odors
  • Recovery of upset systems
  • Improving plant stability
  • Improving reduction of specific chemicals, like hydrocarbons
  • Improving the efficiency in reduction of BOD & COD
  • Stabilizing the BOD and COD ratio
  • Improving systems that are under aerated
  • Improving fats, oils and grease pre-treatment and digestion
  • Improving cold weather performance
  • Improving hot weather performance
  • Improving solids settling
  • Improving clarity
  • Reduces BTEX
  • Reducing wastewater odor
  • Reducing sludge production
The use of wastewater treatment bacteria, such as Custom WP, may help your treatment facility with the problems listed above.

Wastewater treatment plant efficiency is an ongoing issue for most wastewater and sewage plant operators. If you have any of these problems, contact Custom Biologicals to talk about your specific wastewater treatment problems.

Custom Biologicals has experience using wastewater treatment bacteria with:

  • Pulp and Paper wastewater
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Sewage Lift Stations
  • Food Processing Wastewater
  • Animal Wastewater
  • Rivers, Lagoons, and Streams
  • Petrochemical and Refineries

Custom WP is available in two formulations, liquid concentrate and slow release tablets.

Custom Biologicals
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Custom Biologicals, in business since 1992,  manufactures and distributes innovative biological products for use in environmental applications. 
Distributor inquiries, both domestic and international,  for Custom WP and our other biological products are always welcome. 
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