How to Grow Rice Using Biota Max – South East Asia, Indonesia

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How to Grow Rice Using Biota Max

How to grow rice using Biota Max™, Field Trial number 121.

Rice is one of the most important crops worldwide and it’s grown across the globe.

Here’s a field trial using Biota Max™ in Denpasar, Indonesia.

As with all of our field trials and case studies, Custom Biologicals would be happy to send you a copy of the data.

Biota Max™

Biota Max™ is a small effervescent tablet that contains billions of beneficial microorganisms, both beneficial bacteria and beneficial Trichoderma fungi.

Quite simply, Biota Max™ is the most innovative and useful biofertilizer on the market today. use of Biota Max™ improves soil conditions and helps you grow bigger and better crops.

Indonesia Field Trial

During this field trial Custom Biologicals used 4 variations of treatment;

  • T0 – no treatment,
  • T1 – Biota Max before treatment
  • T2  – Biota Max 15 days after rice transplant
  • T3 – Biota Max 30 days after rice transplant.

As you can see from the results, the earlier in the growing cycle that Biota Max is applied,  th ebetter the results.

  • T0 – 6.19 Rice Ton per Hectare
  • T1 – 7.85 Rice Ton per Hectare
  • T2 – 7.23 Rice Ton per Hectare
  • T3 – 6.89 Rice Ton per Hectare.

In all instances, Biota Max™ improves the rice yield. Growing rice is improved with early treatment.


How to grow rice using Biota Max™ was a success. In fact, our yield increased 26.8% by using Biota Max™ to grow rice.

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