Information about the use of microbial products in agriculture, wastewater, bioremediation and more.

Where to Buy Trichoderma

where to buy trichoderma

 Where to Buy Buy Trichoderma Where to Buy Trichoderma to improve the condition of your soil. Trichoderma are a widely present, naturally occurring soil fungi. The use of Trichoderma for plants growth is a natural process that has developed over thousands of years. In fact, Trichoderma are one of the most common microorganisms found in …

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Plant Growth Promoter – Bacillus Subtilis

Plant Growth Promoter

Plant Growth Promoter – Bacillus Subtilis Bacillus subtilis plant growth promoter is a phrase that we’ll discuss in this post.   Bacillus subtilis It is well known that number of beneficial soil microorganisms, like Bacillus subtilis, act as plant growth promoters, also called synergistic plant promotion. B. subtilis is microscopic and produces plant hormones and solubilizes insoluble forms …

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What organisms recycle nutrients?

what organisms recycle nutrients

Soil Microbes and Nutrient Recycling What organisms recycle nutrients? Nutrient recycling in soil is generally performed by microorganisms. Both beneficial soil fungi and beneficial soil bacteria are the main players. Soil microbes will exist in extremely large numbers in soils as long as a carbon source exists for energy. Interestingly, in undisturbed soils fungi, like Trichoderma, tend …

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