Bridging the Gap: From DNA Soil Test to Actionable Field Plan

The advent of DNA soil testing has revolutionized our understanding of soil health, revealing a complex microbial ecosystem underpinning plant growth and productivity. However, the value of this intricate data lies in its practical application. While a DNA soil test provides a detailed snapshot of the soil microbiome, translating this information into actionable steps for in-field management remains a challenge.

Custom Biologicals, through their expertise in soil science and microbiology, bridge this gap. Our team analyzes DNA soil test results, providing a clear understanding of the soil’s strengths and weaknesses. This comprehensive analysis allows Custom Biologicals to develop a tailored, data-driven field plan, outlining specific recommendations for:

Nutrient Management:

Identifying key nutrient deficiencies and recommending targeted microbials to optimize soil fertility. Key nutrient pathways that are analyzed include:

  • Carbon Fixation
  • Nitrogen – Inorganic Nitrogen Release, Inorganic Nitrogen Consumption
  • Inorganic Phosphorus Solubilization
  • Potassium Solubilization
  • Minor Compounds like Calcium transport and Magnesium Transport

Soil Quality

Soil quality has several key factors that are analyzed including:

  • Biodiversity
  • Soil Functionality
  • Soil Resilience

Data Driven Microbial Enhancement:

Understanding if the beneficial microbial populations present or absent is determined by the testing. We then utilize this information to propose the addition of appropriate microbes. The microbes we propose will provide the critical missing functions identified on the soil test.

This holistic approach ensures that the insights gleaned from DNA soil testing are not left on a lab report, but translated into practical and effective field practices. By combining scientific knowledge with in-depth soil analysis, Custom Biologicals empowers farmers and land managers to make informed decisions, resulting in increased yield, reduced input costs, and a more sustainable agricultural system. Their approach fosters a bridge between the cutting-edge science of DNA soil testing and the practical needs of modern agriculture, ultimately maximizing the benefits of this powerful tool.

If you have questions about your DNA soil test or tissue sample results, contact us. We can walk you through the steps necessary to turn your testing data into an actionable, data driven field plan.

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