Biota Max™

Grow Bigger and Better Plants

Unleash the Power of Microbes in your Garden. Biota Max™ contains billions of beneficial soil microbes in one small effervescent tablet. 


Biota Max™ is a revolutionary biofertilizer and soil amendment. Each effervescent tablet contains billions of beneficial microbes, both beneficial bacteria and beneficial  Trichoderma fungi. 

Biota Max™ will improve your soil quality and help you grow bigger, better, and healthier plants. 

  • Produces Plant Hormones

    Biota Max Helps Plants Grow Bigger.

  • Increases Root Mass

    Larger roots equals stronger plants.

  • Replaces Beneficial Organisms

    Biota Mx replaces microbes that are killed by chemicals, heat, drought, fire, flood, erosion, cold and frost.

  • Processes Nutrients

    Biota Max helps process nutrients making them available to the plant.

BIota Max Biofertilizer
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Grow Bigger and Better

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