Bioremediation Product – Custom HC

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Bioremediation Product – Custom HC

Custom HC, manufactured by CustomBio, is a bioremediation product designed to degrade hydrocarbon products such as: Gasoline, Diesel fuel, BTEX. The microbes in Custom HC are oil-loving (petrophilic). They have been selected or safety and for their enhanced ability to degrade oil.

The bacteria in Custom HC are all natural, non-engineered, non-toxic and safe.

Custom HC – Bioremediation Product

Custom HC is available in two forms, liquid concentrate (Custom-HC) and slow release tablet (HC-Tabs). The HC products can be used in a number of applications. Here’s a few examples.

  • Cleaning Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
  • Maintain Oil/Water Separators
  • Clean up small spills like at golf courses
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment that contains Hydrocarbon Contaminants
  • Car Wash Return Water

When used as a regular maintenance product, like in oil/water separators, Custom HC will eliminate or greatly reduce the hydrocarbon buildup that leads to backups, pumping, or regulatory fines.

Custom HC is an excellent bioremediation product for soil contaminated with hydrocarbons and organic solvents.

Custom Biologicals

CustomBio has a great deal of experience with bioremediation, from small oil water separators to large superfund site and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Since most bioremediation projects require some degree of planning, make sure you work with a company that has direct experience in all phases of a remediation project.

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of biological products for use in a number of applications. We have products for use in agriculture, wastewater treatment, septic systems, and more. Our products include Custom HC, Custom GT (grease trap product), Biota Max, Mop’n Treat and fizzytabs.

We’re always looking for new distribution agreements, both domestic and international. If you have an interest in working with quality biological products contact us at (561) 797-3008 or via email at

Custom Biologicals is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA.

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