International Distributor Information

International Distributor

International Distributor Information


Custom Biologicals is looking for new international distributor for several of our product lines including our line of biofertilizers and soil inoculants for agriculture. Here’s a page with international distributor’s information!

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International Distributor
International Distributors and Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals is a manufacturer of bacterial and Trichoderma based products for use in a number of industries including.

We’re based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA and we’ve been in business since 1992.

Distributors wanted in These Countries

Currently Custom Biologicals is looking for international distributors for our agricultural products in these specific countries:

  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Pacific Rim Countries
  • England
  • Canada

Advantages of Working with Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals has been marketing and selling our products internationally for over twenty years. We work through a network of international distributors. Custom treats our international distributors as partners, and it shows. Many of our distributors have been with us for twenty years – or longer!

These distributors have told us what they like best about working with Custom Biologicals.

  1. First, our products are highly profitable.
  2. Highly concentrated products – reduces shipping costs, increases profits.
  3. Exclusive territories and countries are available.
  4. Private labeling is available.
  5. Customized products to meet unique markets.

Profitable Product Line

Let’s face it. The reason everyone goes into business is to make money! We offer our International distributors great pricing and large volume discounts. This allows our distributors to make the maximum amount of markup on our products.

Highly Concentrated Products

I should subtitle this “why ship water” or “why ship fillers”. All of our products are concentrates. Why should you pay to ship water internationally? We ship you the concentrate and teach you how to dilute and make the final, finished product. This greatly reduces both shipping costs and shipping times. Again saving you money!

Exclusive territories and countries are available.

In each country and for each product line, we are looking for long term partners. 20 years of experience has taught us that the best international relationship are long term. To do this we allow market protection and use exclusive territories to achieve this goal. Minimum product sales goals are required for this option.

Private labeling is available.

Interested in starting your own product line. Then you’re in the right place. Custom Biologicals offers private labeling or cobranding with our international distributor agreements.

Customized products to meet unique markets.

Every country and market is unique. That’s why we offer customized products. This allows you, the international distributor, to tell us which types of products will work for you – in your market.

Contact Custom Biologicals about International Distributor Information

I hope this international distributor information has been useful. Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Skype is also available.

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes biofertilizers, soil probiotics, soil and seed inoculants and seed treatments. International Distributor’s Information is available upon request.

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