Fizzytab Products of Custom Biologicals

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Fizzytab Products of Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a number of Fizzytab products for use is a wide variety of applications.

Fizzytabs are a unique and highly effective product. Each fizzytab contains billions of beneficial microbes that have been specifically selected for their abilities to enhance soil conditions, metabolize wastes, or degrade grease.

Fizzytabs are a green cleaning product. In fact, bacteria are used in a number of applications to clean wastes, like wastewater.

The convenience and ease of using Fizzytabs is unmatched in the cleaning industry.

Types of Fizzytab Products

There are a number of types of fizzy tabs with a variety of uses. I’m sure there are some uses we haven’t thought of yet. Here’s the list.

  • Septic Fizzytabs – designed for use in home septic system. Just use one tablet per month.
  • Drainline Fizzytabs
  • Mop’n Treat – designed for use in restaurants and food service areas.
  • Biota Max – for us in agriculture, farming and gardening. Each tablet contains enough beneficial soil microbes to treat ¼ of an acre.
  • RV Fizzytabs
  • Marine Fizzytabs
  • Suctionline Fizzytabs
  • Odor Control Fizzytabs
  • Grease Trap Fizzytabs

Many of our Fizzytab products are available in our store

How do Fizzy tabs work?

Each fizzytab contains billions of beneficial microbes. When added to at lease a quart of water, the beneficial microbes are activated and mixed.

The beneficial microbes in a fizzytab have been selected because of their enhanced ability to perform  their task, such as enhance soil conditions (Biota Max), metabolize (eat) organic wastes (Mop’n Treat), or break down grease and kitchen wastes.

Simply drop a fizzy tab into at least a quart of water, let it dissolve, and apply as directed – That’s It!! No mixing, measuring, or fuss.

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufacture and distributes innovative, biological products for use in a number of industries. Custom is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA. We’re always looking for new distributors, both domestic and international for agriculture and grease reduction.

If you would like to add fizzy tabs to your company’s product line, contact us at (561) 797-3008 or at


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