Private Label Biological Products and Custom Biologicals

Private Label Biological Products

Private label biological products are products that are developed and sold to only one customer. They can be unique products or one of our existing products with your contact information on  them.

Typically, we make private label products for companies involved in agriculture, septic pumping, and maintenance supplies.Private Label Biological

Custom Biologicals – Custom Bio

Custom Biologicals, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of microbial products. All of these products can be private labeled.

Additionally, we have the capability of adding different species of microbes to our existing products. This would further distinguish your product from the competition.

Advantages of Private Label Biologicals

There are a number of advantages of private labeling. Here’s a few;

  1. High Profit Margin – This is always at the top of everyone’s list – Profit Margin!
  2. Exclusivity – Private label branding is one way to set yourself apart from your competitors.
  3. Loyalty – Building a loyal customer base is the key to long term business survival.
  4. Wholesale Income – Many of our distributors set up a group of distributors that buy product, directly from them.
  5. Drop Shipping – yes, we can ship directly to your customers, with your label.

How to Get Started

The first step to get started is decide what the product will do. In other words, what is the function of the product. Will it be a biofertilizer, a biological septic tank product, a bioremediation product?

Once you’ve decided on  the type of product,  contact us. By phone (561) 797-3008 or via email I can quickly tell you if your product  is feasible and if we can manufacture the product for you.

During our conversation, we’ll start  developing the product. We’ll decide if you need a liquid, a tablet, or a powder product. Once we do all of that, then we can discuss pricing.

So, if your interested in developing and marketing a private label microbial product, Contact us TODAY.


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