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Biofertilizer Products

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide range of biofertilizer products. Because biofertilizers help improve soil conditions, they are useful in home gardening, farming, agriculture and greenhouses. 

“Biofertilizers are substances that contain microorganisms, which when added to the soil increase its fertility and promotes plant growth.”

The goal of all of our agricultural products is to promote healthy, fertile soil with a high organic content. Fertile soils help create healthy, productive plants. Root systems need good soil for the plant to reach its full potential. The use of biofertilizer products help the plant gather necessary nutrients. 

All of our Biofertilizer products can be private labeled. Contact us for more information. 

Here’s a list of our soil probiotics, biofertilizers, microbial soil amendments, and seed treatments.

BIota Max Biofertilizer Product
Biota Max
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Custom GP
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Custom B5
Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Biofertilizer products
Custom N2


 Biota Max™

Biota Max™ is a soil probiotic containing both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi. Biota Max™ is a unique, effervescent tablet. Each tablet contains billions of beneficial soil probiotics. Biota Max is remarkably versatile. It can be used as a root treatment, and foliar treatment and as a biological seed treatment, and as a inoculant. Biota Max is a great example of a biofertilizer and a soil amendment. 

Quite simply, BiotaMax is the most versatile biofertilizer on the market today. 

Each Biota Max tablet will treat 1/4 acre. 

Custom B5

Custom B5 is a soil probiotic and biofertilizer containing 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria of the genus Bacillus. B5 is available as a liquid concentrate and as a fizzy fertilizer tablet. Custom B5 is available in a 50ml size that treats 2.5 acres and a 1 Liter size that treats 50 acres. 

Custom B5 Fizzytabs

Custom B5 Fizzytabs – The same great formulation as Custom B5, 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria, but in a fizzytab.

Custom GP

Custom GP contains 4 species of beneficial soil fungi of the genus Trichoderma. Custom GP is a liquid concentrate and is now available as a tablet. Trichoderma fungi have several advantages as biofertilizers.   GP is available in a 50ml size that treats 2.5 acres and a 1 Liter size that treats 50 acres. 

Custom N2

Custom N2 contains nitrogen fixing bacteria. Paenibacillus polymyxa is the active ingredient in Custom N2.  It is a biofertilizer as well as a soil amendment.  Custom N2 is available in a 50ml size that treats 2.5 acres and a 1 Liter size that treats 50 acres. 

Custom Biologicals and Biofertilizer Products

Custom Biologicals, CustomBio, is always looking for new distributors, both domestic and international. Private labeling is allowed for all of our products.  Probiotic soil microorganisms and biofertilizers will be growth products during the coming decades. Get your business involved today.

Private labeling of bio fertilizer products and customized microbial products are available.

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