Plant Growth Promoter – Bacillus Subtilis

Bacillus subtilis plant growth promoter is a phrase that we’ll discuss in this post.


Bacillus subtilis

It is well known that number of beneficial soil microorganisms, like Bacillus subtilis, act as plant growth promoters, also called synergistic plant promotion.

B. subtilis is microscopic and produces plant hormones and solubilizes insoluble forms of phosphates. This makes the phosphate, a necessary chemical in plant growth, available to the plant.

Custom B5, a biofertilizer, contains five species of beneficial soil bacteria including B. subtilis.

Bacillus subtilis produces Auxins

One of the ways that B.subtilis promotes plant growth is by the production (biosynthesis) of plant hormones such as auxins. Auxin was derived from the greek word auxein which means to grow.

Auxins were the first plant hormones discovered. Auxins have a number of effects on plants including:

  • Stimulates cell elongation
  • Delays fruit ripening
  • Auxin is required for fruit formation
  • Stimulates the xylem and phloem
  • Auxin promotes root initiation and formation.

By producing auxins, B. subtilis helps the plant grow and develop. Since both the plant and the soil microorganism benefit, this relationship is called synergistic or sometimes the term probiotic is used. Either way, the soil microorganisms perform an invaluable service to the plant.

Bacillus subtilis solubilizes insoluble phosphate

The second major reason for the phrase Bacillus subtilis plant growth promoter is the ability to solubilize phosphate. Insoluble phosphate is generally inaccessible to the plant. The root system simply cannot absorb it. B. subtilis, however, solubilizes the phosphate making it accessible to the plant.

Soil microorganisms, such as B. subtilis, are essential to plant health and plant growth. The synergistic relationship between the soil bacteria and the plant roots is a vital one for both parties.

Commercial Products Containing Plant Growth Promoters

Custom Biologicals manufactures three agricultural products that contain B. subtilis.

  • Custom B5 – Liquid concentrate, contains 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria
  • Custom B5 Fizzytabs – an effervescent tablet containing 5 species of beneficial soil microbes.
  • Biota Max™ – Great for home gardens. Biota Max contains both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil Trichoderma fungi.

Custom Biologicals is expert in the use of beneficial soil bacteria such as B. subtilis, sometimes called B. Sub or B. Sub bacteria.

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Photo by Darren Wilkinson

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