Hydrocarbon Treatment in Wastewater – A Case Study

Hydrocarbon treatment in wastewater can be efficient and cost effective when using bioremediation. Here’s a case study that illustrates my point.

Biological Hydrocarbon Treatment

Hydrocarbons (oily water) can be treated biologically in a process called bioremediation. In this case study, we used Custom HC a concentrated bioremediation product manufactured by Custom Biologicals.

Custom HC contains billions of petrophilic (oil loving) bacteria. The bacteria in Custom HC has been specifically selected because of their safety and their enhanced ability to break down oil, hydrocarbons, and hydrocarbon components.


Client Category:                    Hydrocarbon Impacted Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location:                                Los Angeles, CA, USA

Physical Plant:                       Four 500,000 gallon clarifiers, a two stage 40,000 gallon flocculation/aeration collection tank                                                        and a 2,000,000 gallon lagoon. Retention time is 4-7 days.

Flow:                                       1,000,000 GPD average (Gallon per Day)

Problem:                                County surcharges for excess COD and TSS amount to an average $450,000/year. VOC’s are                                                       offensive to adjacent neighbors.

Previous Treatment              The use of polymers injected at the headworks

Custom Treatment              Initial Treatment       3 – 55 gallon drums of Custom HC

                                                Week One                   22 GPD of Custom HC

Next Weeks                6 GPD of Custom HC 


BEFORE 11 Days 30 days % Reduction
COD (mg/L) 2150 289 212 90.14%
TSS (mg/L) 140 30 25 82.14%
Benzene (ug/L) 700 580 540 22.86%
Toluene (ug/L) 480 370 290 39.58%
Ethylbenzene (ug/L) 34 9.2 6.8 80.00%
Xylene Isomers (ug/L) 232 213 196 15.52%
FOG (mg/L) 72 12 0 100.00%
Sludge Reduction (est.) 75% 75% 75.00%
VOC Odors (ppm) 20-60 0 0
Lagoon Quality Murky Clearing Clear

Project COSTS

423 Total Gallons Custom HC were used over the 30 day project at a price of $8.00/gallon. Total price was $3,384.00. Surcharges amounted to $37,500.00/month. This project resulted in a cost savings of $34,116.00/month.

Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of microbial products including Custom HC, a bioremediation product. Contact CustomBio for more information about this case study or for information about bioremediation at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@CustomBio.biz.

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