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Custom Biologicals, CustomBio™, provides innovative microbial products for use in a wide variety of applications. 

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Agricultural Products
Bioremediation Product
Industrial and Restaurant Products
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BIota Max Biofertilizer Product
Biota Max
Septic Fizzytabs
Biota Max
Mop'n Treat
Trichoderma Biofertilizer Product
Custom GP - Trichoderma Blend

Custom Biologicals - Innovative Solutions for your tough problems

Products List of Custom Biologicals

Agricultural Products 

  • Biota Max™
  • Custom GP
  • Custom B5
  • Custom N2

Wastewater Products

  • Custom FM
    Custom WP
  • Car Wash Odor Control 

Bioremediation Products

  • Custom HC

Consumer Products

  • Septic Fizzytabs™

Fizzytab Products

Restaurant and Food Service Products

  • Mop’n Treat™
    Custom GT
    GT Tabs

Custom Biologicals - Custom Bio

Custom Biological manufactures and distributes microbial products. All of our products are manufactured in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA. 

Our products include biofertilizers like Biota Max, bioremediation products like Custom HC and grease trap cleaners like Custom GT. 

If you have environmental concerns about grease, hydrocarbons, restaurant drain lines, car wash odor, car wash recycling water, contact us. 

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