Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

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Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

Here’s a list of beneficial microorganisms in agriculture manufactured and distributed by CustomBio. I’ve also included a few microorganisms that CustomBio does not manufacture.

The beneficial microorganisms can be divided into 4 broad groups; Probiotic for Plants, Nitrogen Fixing Microbes, Biocontrol microorganisms, and Mycorrhizae.

List of Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

Probiotics for Plants – Biofertilizers

Plant Probiotics, sometimes called biofertilizers, for plants includes a number of products that we work with here at Custom Biologicals. Some of these products are tablets, some are liquids and all are now available as a powder.

Nitrogen Fixing Microbes

Nitrogen fixing microbes are critical in our list of beneficial microorganisms in agriculture. Nitrogen fixers essentially change atmospheric nitrogen and change it into ammonium. This is a critical step as all life requires nitrogen for DNA, RNA and for protein synthesis.

List of Nitrogen Fixing Microbial Species

Beneficial Biocontrol Microorganisms

Biocontrol microbes are generally used in agriculture to control pests like nematodes and insects. While there is a long list of these types of microbes, I’ll just highlight a few here.

  • Bacillus thuringenesis – BT is a beneficial microbe that produces a crystal. This crystal is toxic to larvae of the species Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). Examples of insects controlled are armyworm, cotton bollworm, and tomato hornworm.
  • Trichoderma species – a number of different species of Trichoderma can biologically several fungal diseases such as fusarium and wilt diseases.
  • Trichoderma sp – a number of different species of Trichoderma can biologically control a number of different types of nematodes such as root-knot nematode.


Mycorrhizae are fungi that grow in association with plant roots in a symbiotic relationship. This relationship is beneficial to both parties. The plant receives additional nutrients and allows the plant to withstand certain environmental stresses.

Custom Biologicals – Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture

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