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How to Grow Alfalfa Hay

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How to Grow Alfalfa Hay with Biofertilizers – CustomBio

This is a case study about how to grow alfalfa hay. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is a flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae cultivated as an important forage crop. In the United Kingdom it is known as Lucerne and Lucerne grass in south Asia. Alfalfa is used in winter months for farm animals, such as cattle. It’s important that the nutrient content of alfalfa is high, particularly sugars and protein.

How to Grow Alfalfa Hay with Biofertilizers – A Case Study

Alfalfa has shown significant benefits from treatment with biofertilizer usage. In this study we used two biofertilizers, Custom GP Trichoderma Blend & Custom B5 Bacillus Blend. Both products are manufactured by CustomBio.

Custom GP and Custom B5 contain specifically selected beneficial microorganisms (bacteria and Trichoderma fungi). These beneficial soil microorganisms have been selected because of their safety and their ability to create a more fertile soil by restoring natural microbial populations. The use of B5 and GP will increase  nutrient availability, enhance root development, and promote vigorous plant growth.

Major Benefits to Alfalfa in the Case Study

  • Increased Protein Content
  • Increased Sugar Content
  • Increased Root Mass
  • Stronger Plant
  • Greater Yield

Alfalfa Field Trial – How to Grow Alfalfa Hay with Biofertilizers

Crop: Alfalfa

Treatment: Custom GP Trichoderma
Custom B5 Bacillus

Location: Wyoming

Farm Size: 40,000 Acres
(16,000 Hectares)

Trial Size: 10 Acres (4 Hectares)

Major Benefits:

Protein Content
Sugar Content

Conclusion: The use of Custom GP and Custom B5 was of great benefit to the alfalfa in this alfalfa field trial. There was an increase in both protein and sugar content of the alfalfa. Additionally, there was one more cutting of the alfalfa.

Custom Biologicals

Custom B5 and Custom GP are manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Custom can be reached at (561) 797-3008 or via email at

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of microbial products for use in environmental and agricultural applications. Customized formulations and dealer/distributor inquiries are welcome. Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about this alfalfa field trial or about more information on how Custom B5 and Custom GP can help your crops.

Photo by TepeyacFarm

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