Industrial Wastewater Treatment Process using Custom FM

Industrial Wastewater Treatment process using Custom FM

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Process using Custom FM

A case study about industrial wastewater treatment process using Custom FM by Custom Biologicals.

Custom FM is a highly concentrated biological product manufactured by Custom Biologicals. Custom FM contains wastewater treatment bacteria that have been specifically selected for their enhanced ability to degrade industrial wastewater.

Custom FM degrade greases, fats oils, BOD, COD and other organic contaminants typically found in industrial wastewater.

Client Category:             Chicken Processing Plant

Location:                          Georgia, USA

Physical Plant:                3.5 million gallon pond and 0.9 million gallon settling pond

Flow:                                230,000 GPD


Problem:                          The protein conversion plant (rendering plant) has a LAS permit (Land Application System Permit) that allows the rendering plant to spray the treated water from the final settling pond onto fields at a rate limited by the phosphorous levels in the water. The phosphorous level was at the maximum allowable limit.


Previous Treatment:        Chemically treated for reduction of BOD and grease. There was not a phosphate removal system.


Custom Treatment:          An initial “shock” treatment of 110 gallons of Custom FM+PO4 with a daily application of 20 ppm Custom FM+PO4. The initial sludge analysis showed phosphate in the amount of 448.03 mg/L.


Custom Results:



Days PO4 Level
0 448.03 mg/L
31 248.17 mg/L
42 153.00 mg/L


Also, the average sludge reduction was 12 inches in the final settling pond with some reported reduction up to 26 inch as measured by a “sludge judge”.

Custom Biologicals is expert at using biologicals as an industrial wastewater treatment process. Contact CustomBio at for more information about industrial wastewater treatment.






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