Oil Separator Cleanup using Bioremediation

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Oil Separator Cleanup using Bioremediation

Oil separators and oil water separators are commonly used in industrial applications. There function is, of course, to separate the oil from the water. When functioning properly, a oil water separator removes enough of the oil to allow the water to be discharged to the municipal wastewater stream.

Periodically, the oil separator must have the oil removed and disposed of in accordance with local regulations. The problem with removing this oil is that it is typically very expense to remove and in some instances, it is categorized as hazardous waste.

Bioremediation – Using Bacteria to Clean up Oil

Another way to take care of this problem is by cleaning your oil water separator with beneficial bacteria. This process is called bioremediation.

Bioremediation uses beneficial bacteria to clean up the oil. Petrophilic bacteria (oil loving) can actually “eat” the oil. This results in carbon dioxide and water.

Bioremediation products, like Custom HC, can help clean up problems from oily water and hydrocarbons.

Here is a case study or trial using Custom HC to clean oily water. Should you have a problem with a oil water or oil separator, please contact Custom Biologicals.

Oil Separator Cleanup – Case Study

Client Category:                     Oil Water Separator

Location:                                East Boston, MA, USA

Physical Plant:                       200 Gallon Separator discharging into city sewage system

Problem:                                Received letter from city to either clean the separator or pump it. The TPH was 33,940 mg/L. The city code calls for under 100 mg/L.

Previous Treatment              Pump and disposal. Average yearly cost of $16,000/year.

Custom Treatment                 Custom HC was injected into the separator with an electric, metered, pump. Nutrients were added once a month.  Costs $1,200/year.

Days TPH (mg/L) Yearly Cost
0 33940 $16,000.00
45 614
120 79 $1,200.00

Yearly Savings to Client $14,800.00

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of microbial products for use in a variety of industries. We’re always looking for new distributors. Contact us at (561) 797-3008 for more information.

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