How to Clean a Restaurant Floor Drain – Mop’n Treat

Restaurant floor drain cleaning is a time consuming and difficult task. Every day, more grease and food particles try to go down the drain. This results in clogged floor drains, grease lined pipes and smells from the food particles that are trapped.

 Mop’n Treat

Now, there is a solution to cleaning floor drains – Mop’n Treat. A revolutionary product from CustomBio. Mop’n Treat is a small effervescent fizzytab. Each dissolvable tablet contains billions of beneficial, hard working bacteria. These bacteria produce  grease digesting enzymes that clean the grease and food particles in your drain lines, floor drains, and more.

Mop’n Treat is used on floors, drains, and hard to reach areas. Mop’n Treat

  • Removes food debris and odor

Restaurant Floor Drain Cleaner

restaurant floor drain

Mop’n Treat is completely safe and is a environmentally friendly, green product. It has multiple uses in restaurants including:

  • Floor Drain Cleaner – Spray all floor drains, sinks, toilet drains and other areas.
  • Soda Machines – Spray soda drains, areas under and behind the soda machine.
  • Bar Area, Including Beer Taps – Spray bar drains, cracks and crevices, behind equipment areas. This will help clean the sugars, yeast, mold and odors.
  • Restrooms – Spray floors, drains, walls, urinals and sinks.
  • Trash Rooms – Spray a fine mist on trash cans, walls, floors and drains
  • Dumpsters – Spray a fine mist directly on trash in dumpster and spray any leaking liquid areas.
  • Drain Lines – Empty the Mop Bucket at the end of the day into the kitchen sink.

Best Ways to Apply to Clean Restaurant Floor Drains

At the end of the day, prepare a mop bucket with water and floor cleaner. Drop in ONE Mop’n Treat tablet. Mop floor normally, focusing on cracks, crevices, and spaces under equipment. When completed, pour the mop water down the floor drains.

For best results, use on Mop’n Treat tablet per day in the mop bucket and one tablet in a sprayer. Use the sprayer to treat Bar areas, sod machines, restrooms, and beer taps.

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