How Bioremediation Works

how bioremediation works

How Bioremediation Works Bioremediation is a branch of biotechnology that employs the use of living organisms, like microbes and bacteria, in the removal of contaminants, pollutants, and toxins from soil, water, and other environments. It is used to clean up contaminated groundwater or environmental problems, such as oil spills. How Bioremediation Works Bioremediation relies on …

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Oil Separator Cleanup using Bioremediation

oil separator

Oil Separator Cleanup using Bioremediation Oil separators and oil water separators are commonly used in industrial applications. There function is, of course, to separate the oil from the water. When functioning properly, a oil water separator removes enough of the oil to allow the water to be discharged to the municipal wastewater stream. Periodically, the …

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