Large Spill Kit – Oil Spill Cleanup – Roundup Cleanup


Large Spill kit for oil spills, diesel spills, roundup cleanup and more.

The small spill kit treats 5500 square yards of contaminated soil. For smaller spills, check out the small spill kit.

Please note that this product is shipped via OVERNIGHT delivery. The cost for delivery is included in the price. Keep this product refrigerated until use.

Should you have questions, feel free to contact me at or at (561) 797-3008.

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Large Spill Kit

Oil spills, engine leaks, overuse of chemicals like roundup, all of these types of conditions need cleanup. They need the Large Spill Kit from CustomBio!

90% – 95% cleanup is not enough:  Use Custom HC Large Spill Kit!

Custom HC contains bacteria that degrade (eat) oil, diesel, and gasoline.   CustomBio Large Spill Kit contains all you need to degrade your larger spill.

Here’s the Large Spill Kit Contents:

  • Custom HC – bacteria blend
  • Nutrient Blend
  • Instructions for Use

The Large Spill Kit for oil contains enough product to treat 50 square yards of contaminated soil. Application is simple and instructions are included.

Please note: This product is a concentrate and is shipped overnight. It must be refrigerated until use. 


  • Engine Oil Leaks
  • Roundup – Glyphosate
  • Small Gas Spills
  • Small Oil Spills
  • Heating Oil Spills
  • Small Diesel Spills
  • Small Plane Fuel Spills
  • Small Boat Fuel Spills
  • Dry Dock Fuel Spills
  • Fuel Siphon Accidents
  • Generator Fuel Spill
  • Lawnmower Gas Spill
  • Marine Dock Fuel Spills
  • Fuel Tank Spills
  • Motorcycle Fuel Spills
  • ATV Fuel Spills
  • GoCart Fuel Spills
  • Gas Overage Spill


Bioremediation is the process of using bacteria, fungi, or other organisms to degrade pollutants and return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.  BioAugmentation is bioremediation with the application of laboratory grown organisms to increase pollutant degradation, reduce cleanup time, and reduce costs of nutrients, machines, and manpower.  Custom HC is a highly concentrated blend of bacteria, scientifically chosen for their ability to degrade a wide variety of petroleum hydrocarbons, including crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, BTEX, and others.

Cradle to Grave – you spill it, you own it!  Degrade the oil, remove it from the environment and eliminate cradle to grave liability.

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Know the Law: The legal requirements for reporting, cleaning and documenting oil, gas and diesel spills is different in each country, state, region, city, township, county and area.    Please follow local law when using spillage kits!

Spill Kit

5gallon kit for 50 sq yards, 55 gallon kit for 5500 sq yards

55 gallon kit

Treats 5500 sq yards


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